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12 Oct 2020

Unlimited Video, Zero Storage

Provide Unlimited Video with Zero Storage costs

At UNICAM innovation is important to us. So we designed a way for educational institutions to enable unlimited video for all staff and students at virtually zero storage cost. Here’s how we did it.

Unlimited Video
UNICAM stores your staff and student’s recorded videos on their own cloud drive storage e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive. This means your institution can give unlimited video to everyone without the cost of video storage and without any performance implication on your LMS.

Zero Storage
No cost for video storage from UNICAM. No cost for video storage in Moodle. No bandwidth cost to serve the video as this is done in the browser by either Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Secure and GDPR compliant
UNICAM authenticate all users with SSO. This means that when they share the link to their recorded video into your LMS, that your GDPR concerns are taken care of by design because they choose to share their video.

Cost Effective
All of this means your IT department can procure Video Capture at a fraction of what it would cost with mainstream providers.