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21 Oct 2019

UNICAM & LinkPro Partnership

Linkpro Consult and UNICAM partner to Connect African Students to European Education

Linkpro Consult and UNICAM today announced a partnership to help connect students in Africa with educational institutions in Europe using real-time interactive video.

Linkpro Consult focuses on bringing personal growth to students through education, skill training and economic empowerment. To achieve this intentional change, Linkpro Consult will partner with educational institutions whose interest lies in the development of human capital and with innovative tech companies such as UNICAM who have a passion for providing tangible solutions to enhancing the educational experience across international borders.

CEO Joseph Ogun commented “Our goals align with UNICAM. UNICAM deploys cutting edge technology, capable of delivering quality interactive, verifiable and engaging educative content provided by our learning partners, educational institutions in Europe. Our partnership with UNICAM ensures that the education, skill acquisition and training sought by African students reaches remote parts of our target markets, in real time, accessible with convenience and value. This in turn ensures consistent growth, development, economic stability, as well as both research and cultural exchange opportunities for our students.”

“Sometimes technology is about more than what can be done. It’s about what should be done. One of our core values at UNICAM is using technology to advance the well-being of people, through modern, effective and accessible education, regardless of where they are located,” said Noel Mulkeen, CEO at UNICAM. “We are delighted to be able to focus on this through our partnership with Joseph and his team at Linkpro Consult.”

About Linkpro Consult

LinkPro Consult is a bespoke change agent birthed from a keen interest in providing opportunities for growth by partnering with renowned educators and innovators of cutting edge technology, to deliver invaluable knowledge to emerging economies that will liberate and empower individuals to positively impart their chosen milieu promoting growth and a sustainable future. LinkPro Consult prides itself in the provision of a superb quality service, embracing change whilst encompassing effective and efficient services to its clients.